Polishing Pad Ø 150x25x130 mm. Trapez foam, Medium Cut.

Medium hard polishing pad suitable for eccentric / DA machines. This size is recomended for 125mm backing plate (Rupes 15).

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NEW! Ditec foam polishing pads 2.0

Our new, premium quality foam pads, tested and manufactured for use with our range of high performance polishing products.

The orange coloured pad is made for medium cutting/ high gloss effect. Suitable for both finishing and moderate cut correction of all modern paint types and gelcoat.

Often usable for one-step correction, this with big timesavings. Also very good for finishing work after heavier corrections.

For use with (DA) oscillating machines.

The construction and the quality of foam selected for manufacturing provides the user with a pad that has longlife, good heat dissipation and workability of polishing product.

Recommended for use in combination with Ditec Medium Cut polish. Can also be used in other combinations, such as with Heavy or Fine Cut depending on situation. We highly recomend the strategy with use of testpanel in your polishing process.

Easily cleaned with pressured air or a brush during polishing process, can be rinsed afterwards or cleaned in a pad washer. Keep the pad clean during process for optimal finish.



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