Grey Micro Wool Ø 65x15x55 mm. 5-Pack.

Versatile microfiber pad suitable for eccentric / DA machines. This size is recomended for 50mm backing plate (Rupes Ibrid Nano).

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Versatile pad, very good cutting abilities and high gloss!
Gives the technician choices, either use for very high cut levels on softer paint or as medium/high cut on a harder paints.

This pad is made mainly for DA but can also be used on Rotary if careful and responsible monitoring of heat build up.

It´s made to be a “hybrid” in the pad range and goes between our more agressive wool pads and the foam ones known as hard/medium.

Proven very efficient on both paint and gelcoat!
We recommend it to be used with Ditec Heavy Cut & Ditec Medium Cut.


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